sabato 8 ottobre 2016


The United (until when?) Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland voted YES in the referendum for the exit from the European Union; it is not surprising that much more, given that this country has always been with one foot in and one out: it decided not to adopt the euroeaan currency, the Euro, and preferred to continue using the pound sterling; It has also joined the Schengen agreements on the movement of persons and to which even non-EU countries (Island, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein).

Despite the change of government it has not yet activated the provisions of art. 50 for the formalization of the process to exit from the European Union, which includes in any case an execution period which can last up to 2 years. What  is the British government doing? He is taking additional time, bat the beginning announcing that the request will be formalized before the next September 2017 and now in the spring of next year ...  this is not a demonstration of consistency with the choices of the Btitish people! Could in any way be tolerated if there were signs for a referral to the polls for a further confirmation (or denial) of the choice made rather than the desire of the government not to follow up the popular vote.

The indications so far by the government dates are of different sign: the example more striking is the request to the British companies to draw up a black list of citizens, including European ones, now in fact already considered as aliens in the United Kingdom.

This procedure is not acceptable and must be strictly opposed by the European authorities and the individual countries belonging to it with concrete actions of protest including, where appropriate, the threat of a similar initiative in relation to British citizens in their territory. It is inconceivable that on one side they are taking time tp go out of EU and on the other they act as if, in fact, the UK was in full already outside the EU and participation agreements (though partial) until now signed and valid until the exit is made final and irreversible.

It would be more seriuos to stop this attitude an, with more coherence, proceed immediately without further pernicious delay for the economy and for ithe european citizens  who still live and work on the British territory to formalize the request to exit the EU: BREXIT NOW!

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